Top 5 Bulgarian drinks you should definitely try

1. Boza

sweet, tick fermented drink made from wheat. It is usually consumed chilled, for breakfast as part of the ever-green Bulgarian combo "Banitsa & boza". 
Its specific lightly sweet taste is difficult to describe and to compare with anything else. But it is definitely a local hidden gem that is waiting to be discovered.

2. Ayran 

the king of the breakfast drinks. This yoghurty, salty drink is served cold and is the perfect companion for your breakfast, or for any other meal which is heavier or more bread-based.
And ice cold ayran is also a great escape from the summer heat.

3. Etar

a soft drink from the Socialist times. This is a carbonated drink, with sweet special flavor, dating from the Socialist times of Bulgaria. Etar is light brown in color and its sugary/fruity taste cannot be compared to any of the modern popular brands of soft drinks. It is served ice-cold and is still one of the favourite soft drinks of the Bulgarians.

4. Menta

a refreshing summer drink. Menta is a sweet, mint liqueur which is prepared from natural spearmint oil - it is green in color and very fresh in taste. 
It is a refreshing drink on its own, but very often the Bulgarians mix it with another type of Alcohol - Mastika (strong anise-flavoured drink, Ouzo-like, consumed chilled) in order to prepare the summer favorite cocktail "Oblak" ("Cloud").

1. Rakia (yes, the number one alcoholic drink for any Bulgarian)

a strong alcoholic beverage (i.e. grappa/schnapps/brandy). This popular fruit breny is the traditional alcohol in Bulgaria - it is usually made from grapes, plums, apricots, cherries, etc. The alcohol content of rakia is normally 40% alc - 50% alc. Home brewed versions may get up to 65% alc.

Be sure not to miss this traditional alcohol beverage - consumed all year round - either hot (with herbs in winter) or ice-cold. 

Tip: The right way to drink Rakia is slow over sweet conversations and a large Shopska Salad. Do not drink Rakia in shots. Regular Rakia in Bulgaria is 100 ml. Small one is 50 ml. And yes, the double is 200 ml (only for the strongest of you) :)


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