About me (us)

Who am I?

I am a passionate traveller. You might have noticed that already if you are reading this... I travel for business, travel for leisure, travel for fun, travel for adventure, travel to find myself!
Why I have created this blog? To share my experience and advises and to help other passionate travellers like you realize their travel plans... A lot of people are travelling, but even more are only dreaming of it and are afraid to travel, as a lot can go wrong, or simply do not know how to travel with the limited budget they have. In reality - you do not need a lot of money to be able to reach out your dream destinations... you just need to plan it well and think smart. Hopefully this blog will help you do that! All comments and feedback are always welcome!

What I do outside of travelling? I have a Master in Informatics and have discovered the fascinating world of Business Intelligence and Data Science. As you see, I like to discover not only the world, but also the more trivial things like data, trends and stories... I married two years ago and am so happy to share my travels with my beloved wife.

Greetings! See you on the roads... soon!


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