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Parga is a picturesque small town situated in a secluded bay of the Ionian Sea, in the Greek region Epirus.

This amazing town suits all tastes - amazing beaches, beautiful architecture and tourist sights and bustling nightlife with many bars and restaurants.
Parga is said to be the Cinque Terre (Italy) of Greece. Or, in other words, the smalltown is located on the slopes of a mountain, with its colorful houses constructed amphitheatrical along the slopes.
Standing at the entrance of Parga`s port is a tiny green islet with a white church. The islet can be reached by boat or by swimming as it is not far from Parga's city beach. Narrow pedestrian streets, lots of stairs climbing up the hill, colorful houses with lush green gardens and on top of the hill - and amazing Venetian castle.

The ruins of the Venetian castle are open to the public and are free of charge. Actually at the heart of the castle nowadays there is a tavern where you can have a drink or a bite and enjoy the stunning views over the sea and the city. The ruins of the castle are situated on a couple of different levels, offering different views - just be aware that in order to visit the highest level it is recommended to wear shoes (not flip-flops). The Venetian Castle is definitely a must-see attraction in Parga!
 view from the castle

For the beach-lovers, there are two main options in Parga - Parga town beach or Lichnos beach. You can also check some of the other nice beaches located nearby
Parga Town Beach is located in the city, but it is rather small and very crowded due to its easy access. The Lichnos Beach can be reached either by boat (You can take a water taxi from Parga for 10 euros return ticket) or by walk over Parga's hill (you need comfortable shoes for the walk - no flip-flops). More information regarding the top beaches around Parga you can find here.

The main part of Parga is very narrow, uphill and with many stirs - and thus closed for traffic. So, if you are with kids or you prefer to have the convenience to park your car close by, then it might be better just to do a day-tour of Parga, and to sleep somewhere else. One great option for relaxing beach holiday in Epirus region is Ammoudia

Acheron Springs

If you want to escape from the bustling with tourists Parga and its crowded beaches and you want to cool down in the nature - the greatest place to do so in Epirus region is the Acheron springs.
Acheron river is very important river in the Greek mythology as it is one of the five underworld rivers. The river is 52 kilometers long, running through Ioannina region and finally flowing into Ionian sea in Ammoudia. Apart from the mythological importance Acheron river has a lot to offer to the tourists who love outdoor activities. The most famous place along the river is Acheron River springs. Near the small town of Glyki, there are a couple of big free parkings where you can leave your car for the day. Once there you can enjoy many outdoor activities such as - rafting along the river, horse riding, archering, etc.

In order to get to the river springs, first you need to take a very pleasant short walk along the riverside. The path is wide and flat and the best thing is that it is in the shadow of the threes - which is perfect for cooling down in the hot summer days. While you walk you will notice that the water color changes from greenish to light blue, depending on the river bed. When you approach the end of the path you will see some of the water springs - there are hundreds of them - just look in the river for some bubbles sprinkling out of the ground. The path ends in the river Acheron - there the water is not deep and the water is running slowly so you can enter the river and start walking in it.

Tip: It is recommended to bring your water shoes as the riverbed is covered with stones, and it is not so easy to walk barefooted. Flip-flops will also be an option - although not as secure and comfortable as the water shoes. If you do not have water shoes or have forgotten them, you can buy from the stalls near the parking.

Once you start walking in the river if you look down, you will see on many places small bubbles coming from the earth. This is how the water springs to ground. The further you continue walking the colder the water becomes. You will enter the high picturesque gorge which continues for kilometers.

After you had enough of the river walking and the beautiful nature around, make sure to visit one of the taverns around. Our personal best is the Restaurant Piges Acheronta, which you can easily reach if you just cross the river one more time on the way back to the parking. Do not miss the fresh trout in the restaurant.

At Acheron Springs you can spend an amazing day full of beautiful nature and outdoor activities!

If you got enough of Parga, why don't you explore the nearby Lefkada? See our advices for a nice stay in Lefkada.


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