Top Beaches near Parga, Epirus region, Greece

Top Beaches near Parga, Epirus region, Greece

Ammoudia beach 

This is an amazing, beautiful and big sandy beach. It is not so overcrowded compared to the other beaches in the Parga area - so it is ideal for relaxing vacation. There are many sunbeds and umbrellas which are free, provided that you use the beach service of the cafees/tavernas owning the sunbeds. The water is transparent and very, very clean. The seabed is sandy and very soft, and the water gets deep very slowly- for the first 30-40 meters the water level is up to your knees. The fish can be seen with naked eye and can be felt in your feet. 
The unique thing about this beach is that exactly there the river Acheron flows into the sea - thus giving the sea water not so salty taste, but rather cooler feeling (the temperature of the constantly flowing river is less than the sea temperature at the shore) - ideal for the hot summer days! 
Near the beach there are quite some nice and reasonably-priced hotels and guest houses which makes this place an ideal vacation spot.

Tip: Do not miss the beautiful sunset nearby the Acheron river! 

Tip: Ammoudia offers a large free camping place for all the campers that are looking for a calm stay.

Tip: do not miss to visit Tavern Ta Kymata - a family owned tavern which offers great fresh fish for very reasonable prices. The owner fishes the daily meal himself and is very kind to all the guests. 

Parga town beach 

Very small beach right in the heart of Parga. It is very busy and overcrowded - not only with people from the nearby hotels but also with the tourists who are enjoying a quick swim during their visit of Parga. There are sunbeds, umbrella rentals, but in order to get one, you need to go early (before 10 am), otherwise you risk that all will be taken. As the size of the beach is very small, there is very limited space where you can put your own umbrella. What is great about this beach is the closeness to the city waterfront promenade full of restaurants, bars and cafes - so when you want to chill outside of the beach, you have vast choice of places. 

Lichnos beach 

Nice beach close to Parga - not as busy as Parga town beach or Valtos. It can be reached either by boat (You can take a water taxi from Parga for 10 euros return ticket) or by walk over Parga's hill (you need comfortable shoes for the walk - no flip-flops). This sandy beach is quite spacious and not so overcrowded. There are enough beds and umbrellas which can be hired for 7 EUR. A couple of cafees and tavernas close to the beach ensure refreshments all day long, and even beach-service.
The water is crystal clear and you can easily see fish by looking from above the water, without any gear.

Valtos beach 

Valtos beach is very close to Parga - every 30 minutes there is a water taxi ride to Parga town and back.The beach is quite big and is a mixture of sand and pebbles - dependant upon which end of the beach you settle.There are many sunbeds and umbrellas to be hired, but also there is some limited space to use your own. There are plenty of tavernas offering from snacks to a full meal. The views from the beach towards the Venetian castle in Parga are stunning. The water is very clean and clear and many fish can be seen with naked eye. Nice and clean beach, perfect for children also. 
In the high summer season it gets also very crowded due to its closeness to Parga.


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