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Top things to do in Parga region Parga Parga is a picturesque small town situated in a secluded bay of the Ionian Sea, in the Greek region Epirus. This amazing town suits all tastes - amazing beaches, beautiful architecture and tourist sights and bustling nightlife with many bars and restaurants. Parga is said to be the Cinque Terre (Italy) of Greece. Or, in other words, the smalltown is located on the slopes of a mountain, with its colorful houses constructed amphitheatrical along the slopes. Standing at the entrance of Parga`s port is a tiny green islet with a white church. The islet can be reached by boat or by swimming as it is not far from Parga's city beach. Narrow pedestrian streets, lots of stairs climbing up the hill, colorful houses with lush green gardens and on top of the hill - and amazing Venetian castle. The ruins of the Venetian castle are open to the public and are free of charge. Actually at the heart of the castle nowadays there is

Top Beaches near Parga, Epirus region, Greece

Top Beaches near Parga, Epirus region, Greece Ammoudia beach  This is an amazing, beautiful and big sandy beach. It is not so overcrowded compared to the other beaches in the Parga area - so it is ideal for relaxing vacation. There are many sunbeds and umbrellas which are free, provided that you use the beach service of the cafees/tavernas owning the sunbeds. The water is transparent and very, very clean. The seabed is sandy and very soft, and the water gets deep very slowly- for the first 30-40 meters the water level is up to your knees. The fish can be seen with naked eye and can be felt in your feet.  The unique thing about this beach is that exactly there the river Acheron flows into the sea - thus giving the sea water not so salty taste, but rather cooler feeling (the temperature of the constantly flowing river is less than the sea temperature at the shore) - ideal for the hot summer days!  Near the beach there are quite some nice and reasonably-priced hotels and gues

Top beaches and things to do in Lefkada

Top beaches and things to do in Lefkada Lefkada is a picturesque and very green Ionian island reachable by car as it is connected to the continental Greece. Its most beautiful beaches are located on the west part of the island but most of them are rather hard to reach, as the roads are quite narrow and often climbing steep steps or hills is required to reach them. But it is worth the effort - you enjoy the 100 shades of blue of the seawater as well as the stunning views of the green mountain hills and cliffs. The east side beaches are much easier to get to and the water is very still, but the water color is not as turquoise blue as on the west side. Because of the still waters, thousands of yachts choose that part of the Island to stay overnight or during the winter.  It is a beautiful view to watch the sunset over the Geni lagoon bay. Geni has a lot of nice taverns which locals visit by boat. You can easily park your boat in one of these restaurants and enjoy the magnificent vi