Great Bars in Sofia

The long summer nights are a great opportunity to explore the vivid nightlife in Sofia.
You can start by checking out some of the best bars in town. 
Get a drink, or two, or three..mix with the locals... and you will get in love with Sofia by night.

Oscar club

If you are a cocktail-lover this is the place for you! Some of the most amazing cocktails which can be found in town! The experienced bartenders are not afraid to experience with liquors and ingredients in the search of the best cocktails. The atmosphere is modern and cool (only indoors), the cocktails are top-quality and the people are cool -  if you fancy good cocktails, you should definitely give it a try.


Another fun bar with a lot of good cocktails. There are both indoor and outdoor options. When you are inside, make sure to have a look at the modern lamps and interior. There are many different cocktails, even not  so typical ones with rakia. The bar is situated right next to a great dining restaurant - Raketa Rakia Bar, which makes it very convenient for a long night filled with fun.


Small and chill street bar. The staff is extremely friendly and the atmosphere is very relaxed. Apart from the few inside tables, often people go out on the street enjoying the fresh night air and their drinks. The bar offers only a couple of cocktails (some of the more mainstream ones) - but their quality is quite good. You can also enjoy beers or any of the other good quality liquors that they offer.

Sense Rooftop Bar 

The best thing about this bar is its view - although it is not located very high, it offers an extremely beautiful view of Sofia city center and its main cathedral - Saint Alexander Nevski Cathedral.  So, it is highly recommended to either go there by night for a drink (unfortunately one downside is that very often people are allowed to smoke inside and the accumulated smoke ruins your nice experience), or visit it during the day for a coffee.  The cocktails are good quality.

Bar Friday (Bar Petak)

Another relaxed bar with music (OK for dancing as well). The offered drinks and cocktails are good quality but more of the basic style. The atmosphere inside is like one of Budapest's ruin bars.


One of the few beer-only bars in Sofia. It offers more than 100 varieties of  craft beers. The place is small and cosy, and is a favourite one for all beer-lovers.

One More Bar 

Nice central located bar with garden. The cocktails and mixed drinks are not the best in town, but the possibility to enjoy them in the nice garden makes this place very attractive.


A very chill and cosy bar - offering basic mixed drinks, liquor and beer. There are inside and outside part. Fri-Sun there are different music-themed nights, so if you pass by and hear something interesting, be sure to stop by and have a drink. A favourite place of many young local people.

5L Bar (Bar Petel)

The first (and only) secret bar in Sofia. Hidden in a small street in the city center, one should have a very good eye to find its entrance, and more so to get in. In order to be allowed to enter each guest should guess the password at the door and choose the right key to unlock the door himself (hint: it might be worth trying with the current date). The offered cocktails are quite nice and the atmosphere is cosy as well.

The Bookies 

Small gem in the city center. The inside tables are only a few, but this is compensated by  by a very nice and green garden. The mixed drink menu is basic, but of good quality. The staff is very friendly and will always help you choose the best drink for you. For a drink at night, or for a coffee during the day, the garden of this cosy bar is a great oasis in the summer heat.

65 Fireflies (65 Svetulki)

Another preferred summer option due to its garden and relaxed atmosphere. The cocktails and drinks are nice, but far from the best in town. Still the outside garden compensates. 


This is THE heaven for all the whiskey-lovers in Sofia. This bar offers many different kinds of premium whiskey and also organises whiskey-themed nights promoting various types of the liquor. The atmosphere inside is modern and there's quite often music as well.


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